I'm Matt and this is my site! (If you're here, you probably already know that.) I love storytelling and am driven by innovation and opportunities for developing people and ideas. I'm always working on a number of projects and this site is the place for me to share those with you!

For instance, make sure to check out my latest project, the "It Might Be #Time2MoveOn" BlogCast! (Think "book on tape," but instead of a book, it's a blog and instead of tape, it's a podcast!) It's for people who feel stuck or overcommitted and need some help asking the right questions to figure out what to do next.

Due to a severe (and now, medically confirmed!) case of ADHD, Matt Barnes has taken on a wide variety of endeavors since he graduated from Pepperdine University in 2001*. He’s been a high school teacher and activities director, an organizational leadership consultant (a title he made up), a curriculum developer and a board member for a bunch of non-profits. He’s overseen the production on a few kids worship albums, written and produced short-form kids films, traveled around the country speaking about leadership or family ministries or whatever he felt like speaking about and worked in several church ministries including families, creative arts, missions and leadership.

He also learned to fly helicopters and got his pilot's license in 2014.  

He likes to think that he’s smart, but his friends and family think he’s just over-educated. (After two masters degrees*, he finally stopped going to school... for now.) Oh yeah... and he taught some college for a while too. (If you're into details and specifics, check out Matt's LinkedIn page for the full résumé.)

Matt feeds his ADHD through his numerous endeavors including his creative agency (Rogue Creative Development), the Bachelor recap podcast he co-hosts and produces (Bros Before Rose), his flight school (Rogue Aviation), his pop culture channel (Nerdy Pop) and now this site. 

Matt lives in Newport Beach, CA with his wife, Stacy, their fantastic children, twins McCoy Kobayashi and Violet Maru and twins Poppy Sky and Weldon Walker, and their amazing French Bulldog and company namesake, Rogue. (For more on their story, check out www.finallybarnes.com.)

* BA in English/Drama - Pepperdine University - 2001
* MA in Education - Pepperdine University - 2005

* MA in Organizational Leadership - Azusa Pacific University - 2008